Our Investment Philosophy

When you choose the right approach, the results you want should follow. At Method, we help our clients choose the strategy that works for them, and then provide the support they need to stick with it over time. We believe this not only improves their returns, but also promotes peace of mind.

Worry less.
Earn more.

Financial success doesn’t need to be complicated. History shows that an intelligent financial strategy, consistently applied over time, should grow your wealth—no day trading, complex economic modeling, or sleepless nights required.

Too often, worried investors abandon their strategies during swings in the market, and miss out on gains they would have realized if they had kept their original investments. An analysis by Dalbar, a leading market research firm, found that the average investor significantly underperformed the market in which they were invested, likely due to selling during downturns and buying only after conditions recovered.

Plan for the long-term

Highs and lows in the market are unavoidable, but when you invest for the long-term, your money’s performance can become much more certain. An analysis by fool.com found that since 1871, there were positive real market returns for 80% of all time periods greater than 5 years—and 100% of all periods greater than 20 years.

Focus on ‘value,’ not price

We evaluate an investment by assessing its value and comparing it to the price offered in the market. By looking for securities that are undervalued by the markets—whether due to crowd mentality, analytical misjudgments, or constraints put on institutional investors—we aim to identify investments that are primed for growth, and help our clients avoid sharp corrections in overvalued securities.

Past performance may not be indicative of future results. All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment plan or strategy will be successful.