Financial advice
for your future
Method provides a suite of financial services designed around you.

Investment management and financial planning are two sides of the same coin, and ensuring your financial future requires careful attention to both. That’s why at Method, we provide our clients all of the following services for one flat fee:

You’ll also receive assistance with goal identification and prioritization, risk management, debt and cash flow management, and investment-related tax planning. And at least once per year, we will conduct a comprehensive review to ensure your overall financial plan is optimized for your current needs and goals.

So talk to us today—because no matter where you are headed, Method can provide the support you need to get there.

Your money.
Your Method.

No two clients have the same objectives, constraints, or tolerance for risk. So for each client, we help choose an approach that makes them comfortable and confident in their money’s performance.

From the outset, we will determine your priorities and present options targeted to your specific goals. And once you’ve understood the pros and cons to all possibilities, we’ll help you select and implement an overall financial strategy that works for you.

Learn more about our investment philosophy.

Integrated financial planning

Ensuring your overall financial health requires looking beyond your investments.

Included in our offering is a suite of services that work in concert to strengthen all aspects of our clients’ finances:

Cash flow & debt management

A clear budget will help you build your wealth incrementally, day by day. That’s why we provide our clients with a framework for assessing the impact of today’s spending on tomorrow’s goals.

Risk management
We’ll help you assess your sensitivity to risk, find an asset allocation that fits your needs, and suggest backup plans to help you reach your goals, even in the case of emergencies.
Tax planning
At the end of the day, it’s your after-tax results that really matter. We’ll help you understand tax issues common to financial planning, and we can partner with your tax professional to ensure our recommendations include appropriate tax considerations.
An ongoing partnership

As your situation evolves, your financial plan should change with it. To make sure our planning keeps pace with our clients’ progress, we provide the following for every account:

Clearly-stated benchmarks for measuring our performance
Proactive reviews, updates, and adjustments to strategy
Bespoke analysis and answers to your financial questions—most requests are addressed within 24 hours
The financial partner for you

Method Finance is dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves professional, impartial financial advice. With our simple, fee-only model for ongoing partnerships, we make our services affordable and accessible, even if you are just starting to work toward financial independence.

For those with less than $1,000,000 under management (which includes most of our clients), our flat fee is 1.0% per annum with a minimum annual fee of $2,500. We also offer reduced fees for those with greater assets under management; see our complete rate schedule.